ABA Therapy

Behavior Analysis is the scientific study of behavior that helps us to understand why we do the things we do. Through the application of behavioral principles behaviors are mediated with the intent of increasing the behaviors society and the family define as socially advantageous and/or decreasing the frequency of socially inappropriate behaviors. New Horizon’s Professional ABA Services (NHABA) utilizes Licensed Behavior Analysts to assess each child’s abilities and develop goals and objectives that have social relevance for the child and the family.  By social relevance we are speaking of skills that are imperative to the success and the well-being of the individual. This can include but is not limited to the significant reduction or elimination of aggressive, self-injurious, dangerous, repetitive patterned behaviors, and stereotypical mannerisms.  NHABA programs are individualized to the needs of the family and child and can also include but is not limited to language development, toileting, eating behaviors, personal self-care, domestic skills, community orientation, social skills, and recreational and leisure skills, work skills, etc.

mom and child communicating
Functional language skills are essential to the success of the individual’s we serve and therefore are incorporated throughout the day and are embedded in the sessions.  Therapy sessions include programs/activities that can be formatted as discrete (repetitive) trials requiring the child’s response, as probe trials where the first opportunity is documented, or involve natural environment training in the home and community.


NHABA uses a person centered and collaborative approach ensuring the needs and desires of the family and child are incorporated into the programs’ goals and objectives.  The parents and the child being supported are important members of the team.  As team members they must agree to actively participate and consistently implement the strategies agreed upon by the team.  Different strategies and activities serve a variety of purposes; they may, for example be utilized to teach new skills (communication, social, life or recreation skills), to improve the child’s ability to self-regulate, to generalize learning across people and environments, to ease transitions from one activity to the next, to modify conditions in which interfering behaviors such as tantrum or off-task behaviors may occur, or to reduce self-injury, or stereotypy (self-stimulation behaviors)


New Horizons Professional ABA Services develops individualized programs and all programs are data driven. You can be assured that the therapist is not just playing with your loved one, he/she is taking data during all activities.  We also do not seek authorizations just for a minimum of 10 hours per week.   The length and the duration of the therapy depends on the recommended hours determined by the clinical supervisors, the need and availability of the child and the active participation of the parent(s).  It is not unusual for some services to be provided 15, 20 or even over 30 hours per week especially for younger children or any child that is significantly behind developmentally.


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NHABA only hires individuals that have Bachelor degrees in specific human service areas however NHABA will follow the requirements of the funding insurance company as it pertains to employee requirements.  We require 40 hours of ABA training, mandatory quarterly trainings, and also provide weekly supervision and on the job training for its therapists.   The supervisor must also meet/communicate weekly with the therapist(s) on average.