About Autism Movement Therapy

Autism Movement Therapy® AMT, the first therapy method designed for individuals with autism that combines movement and music, is proving to be one of the most effective ways of stimulating communication between the four lobes of the brain by actually bridging the two sides of the brain to increase overall cognitive processing. AMT literally awakens the brain by introducing a structured and fun form of therapy through music, dance and improvisation.


Developed by Joanne Lara, M.A., Autism Movement Therapy combines a structured program of movement and music, connecting the lobes of the brain for a “whole brain” cognitive re-mapping approach that significantly increases concentration, focus, social interaction and sensory integration in the child. AMT is a natural strategy for individuals with autism with limited speech and language communication skills, allowing them to express themselves through music and dance while simultaneously experiencing the thrill and joy of moving their bodies and developing a sense of self-determination and independence.

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