Top 4 Educational Technology for Classrooms

Integrating technology in the classroom is the ‘in’ thing these days that many teachers are opting for. A meaningful instruction designed by teachers must include motivational tool technologies that foster students’ cognitive, emotional and behavioral engagement. A good technological tool or an educational websites should be innovative, consisting real-world applications, easy to use for both teachers and students, reliable, easy to share and content control aspect. Let us look at top 4 free motivational educational technology tools that can help in real student engagement in the classroom.


myBrainshark is one of the best educational websites that allows students to add a voice over to Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, videos and photo albums- or to simply produce podcasts. With this a great blend of video and audio components is created into a video presentation. It can help bolster the confidence and communication skills of introverted students and teachers can turn their Powerpoint Presentations into narrated videos that students can watch outside of school as well. myBrainshark is also a great platform which you can use for giving important powerpoint presentation tips to your juniors and younger siblings.


Padlet is one of the free teaching resources that facilitates the creation of virtual walls where teachers and students can post sticky notes with almost anything they want. These notes can include images, text, files or videos and can be arranged in stream or scattered around the wall. Owners can also moderate newly added posts through privacy settings. It is an excellent tool for collaborative work wherein students can present their writings in a stream, embellished with videos, links or images. Students can also use to assemble an e-portfolio where they can organize, archive and display pieces of work.


PosterMyWall is an incredible educational technology for creating artistic, and high quality posters, photo calenders, collages or photo cards that can be easily shared online or printed out. Students can upload their own pictures or simply search for photos on the same site that is connected to Flickr or Pixebay, which provides easy access to photos for educational purposes. The best use of this tool is having students create posters as the culmination of a project to demonstrate what they have learned.


Screencast-o-matic is a fantastic screen recorder that allows its users to capture anything happening on the screen along with voice and video from webcam for upto 15 minutes in the recorders’ free version. Students with this tool can record their own videos about their problems or structure of the essay. Teachers on the other hand can create video tutorials on any subject and include them in their teaching strategies. These can be watched at home or any other place too. Unfortunately it requires Java 1.5 or latest version for reproduction.

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