That Year My Son Wanted to Be a Ceiling Fan for Halloween

You have to admit, it’s kind of a strange tradition.  During Halloween we dress up in costumes, pretending to be someone or something else and then threaten to play a trick on our neighbors, unless they give us a treat!

Some scholars say the origin of “All Hallows’ Eve” or Halloween, as we refer to it today, goes as far back as the 5th century B.C. in Ireland.  Celtic tribes believed that the spirits of the dead would come back to earth on October 31st to destroy their crops.  In an attempt to scare the spirits away, the Irish tribes dressed up in scary costumes.  The costumes weren’t as complicated and elaborate as they are today but they were scary!

Today, Halloween is more of an opportunity to become someone else.  While the “fear factor” is still popular, so is the desire to dress up as your favorite movie character, sports hero, princess, cartoon character or villain. One thing is for sure, Halloween is a day to be different, and to sometimes express your love of your most favorite thing or person.

So what’s a mom to do when their son comes to her and announces he wants to be a ceiling fan for Halloween?

ceilingfanloveThomas has always loved ceiling fans.  Since he was a toddler he was fascinated with them.  As he became older, it wasn’t just the spinning he enjoyed, but he researched everything there is to know about them. By the time he was six or seven he knew all the different brands, colors and was a huge fan of the ceiling fan collectors on YouTube who share their mutual love of the “hobby.” He LOVED all things ceiling fan related and would even make his own videos about the ceiling fans in our house and the houses of our very patient and understanding, friends and neighbors.  I cannot tell you how many times I have asked a friend if they would mind if Thomas took a peek at their ceiling fans when we were over.

So when Thomas came to me that year and told me he wanted to be a ceiling fan for Halloween, I had to make it happen for him.  My only obstacle was, I am the least crafty person I know.   And there are no cheat sheet google images or Pinterest pages dedicated to ceiling fan costumes I could copy from in order to create my design!

So I did my best, and this is what we came up with!


We were the hit of trick-or-treating that year.  Everyone stopped Thomas to ask him what he was, if they couldn’t already guess, and he proudly talked to each and every person about what kind of ceiling fan he was.  It opened up a conversation for him with everyone.  He was excited to talk to all our friends, neighbors and even strangers about his all-time favorite topic.  And for me?  I was just happy I could make it happen for him.

Today, Halloween is a day to be different from our every day selves but what ends up being an attempt to be different can sometimes make us all look the same.  That Halloween we saw dozens of Batmans, Dorothys, Spongebobs, Pirates, football players, and ghosts. But this I know for sure.

That Halloween, in our neighborhood, there was only one … ceiling fan.  :)