Making Walt Disney World A Success

Recently, my family and I traveled to Orlando, Florida to visit Walt Disney World!  We went during the holidays, which looking back, wasn’t the best idea.  It was SO incredibly crowded and the lines were SO long.  Over two hour wait times for many of the rides.  Because of the incredibly long wait times we had to get creative.  This meant getting up early and staying late so the lines might be less.  However, sometimes this didn’t even help.  The lines were more than our son could handle.

We spoke to a Disney representative about the Disability pass.  The Disability pass allows you to check in at a ride and get a return time to come back.  The return time is equivalent to the wait time in most cases.  So, if the wait time is an hour, you come back in an hour and walk up to the ride in the Fast Pass line.

This solution saved us!  We were able to get a return time for a ride and go and sit down to take a break while we waited.  Or we would just wander or get something to eat.  The time went by much faster and when we returned we walked through the fast pass lane.




Disney World is more than willing to accommodate children with special needs including autism.  They were eager to make the day great for us and assist us any way they could.  Disney also has a guide book to help special needs parents prepare and plan for a trip the whole family will enjoy.  I definitely recommend you download it before you go!

We also had to set expectations with our kids and realize we weren’t going to be able to do everything.  So each night, before we attended the parks, we discussed what were our “must see” attractions.  We used it like a checklist and it helped guide us through the park.

And my last tip?  Make sure you have comfortable shoes!  That is THE most important tip I can think of.  That and taking lots of breaks.

Have you taken your family to Disney?  Any advice you would give parents of special needs children?