Why a Simple Back-To-School Photo Meant So Much

So, my family has hit a few milestones this past month.  For one thing, Thomas started middle school!  That in and of itself is a HUGE moment.  So much change.  He now has a locker, has to change classes, has all new teachers, is playing an instrument, must change clothes during PE, walks home from school instead of riding the bus – the list of changes goes on and on.  There are too many changes to count them all.  And somehow, we are getting through them all thanks to his very patient teachers and his extremely helpful case manager.  Oh and that’s another change, Thomas now has a “case manager” who, I guess, manages his IEP and daily schedule.  She’s really been helping him on a daily basis and is wonderful about emailing my husband and I about how he’s doing during the day.  We feel very lucky.

But one of the sweetest changes for us is that Thomas now goes to school with his big brother Danny.  Danny is only a year older than Thomas but they have never gone to school together.  Since Thomas was 3 years old he has always gone to a school in the town next to ours because that’s where the program was that he needed.  His program has switched schools 3 times since he was in Kindergarten but it was never at his home school where his brother attends.  But now, for the first time, they’re together.

Because of the stress and craziness of the first day of school I did not get that first day of school picture on the front step.  I decided we would take a “second day of school picture” instead, because the morning was so chaotic.  Later that week I went onto the middle school website where they’re in attendance to look something up and what did I see?  My boys were front and center!




I’m sure the school photographer just snapped this picture as she would of any children on their way into school on the first day.  But she has no idea how much it means to our family.
There they are.
Together at last.
On we go.