Unlocking the Door of Autism

Winfield is 10 years old and has autism.  He is almost completely non-verbal as in he uses an augmentative and alternative device to communicate. In his 10 years, he has made only sounds such as “ha, da, hi, etc” and even those sounds have been few and far between.  This video was taken yesterday, during his music therapy session. You may have to watch it a few times but in the very beginning Winfield says “unlock the door.”  (mic drop)

I’m friends with Winfield’s mom Marian on Facebook.  My son and Winfield were classmates in the same autism class at the local elementary school but it’s been a few years since I’ve seen Winfield.   My son is now in middle school and life and schedules have caused us to not see much of each other so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this video of him speaking!

I immediately reached out to Marian and asked if I could share this video because we both know other parents need to see it too.  If for nothing else, this video gives other parents hope.  And if there’s one thing parents of autistic children need, it’s hope.  Any glimmer of hope.  Hope that someday, somehow, some wall might come down.  Some barrier might be broken.  Some door might be unlocked.  Parents of autistic children need to know that no matter how impossible it may seem and no matter where your child lies on the spectrum, there is always hope.  And its moments like these get us through the day.  Moments like these give us the strength to get back up tomorrow and try again.

I reached out to Marian and asked her if I could share this video of Winfield because not only does it show the pure joy and essence that is innately Winfield but it gives hope, especially to all those parents who worry their kids may never speak.

But Marian says it best in her own words.

“Never give up hope because as I learned yesterday, after 10 years of silence, my son cannot only string together a sentence, but he’s also asking us all to unlock the door and help him find his voice.” – Marian Boyd – Winfield’s mom.