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July 2018 – His First Airplane Flight Alone
June 2018 – High Functioning Autism Is Still Autism
April 2018 – Looking Back on Autism Awareness Month 2018
March 2018 – School’s Anti-Bullying Culture Helps Special Needs Families
February 2018 – New Horizons Professional ABA Services Sponsors Miss Abilities 2018
January 2018 – Devices at Dinnertime and Judgmental Looks
December 2017 – Different Abilities, Not Disabilities
October 2017 – That Year My Son Wanted to be a Ceiling Fan for Halloween
September 2017 – Unfortunately, I’ve Heard That Before – Parents Worried my Son with Autism is in Your Child’s Class
July 2017 – Autism and Gender Differences
May 2017 – Another Reminder: Swimming Lessons Could Save Lives
March 2017  – Unlocking the Door of Autism
February 2017 – What is this ABLE Account I Keep Hearing About?
January 2017 – Reminding Myself It’s Okay to Ask for Help
October 2016 – How My Son Became the Hit of the Trick-or-Treating Scene
September 2016 – Why A Simple Back-to-School Photo Meant So Much
July 2016 – Surviving the 4th of July
June 2016 – Making Disney World A Success
November 2015 – A Letter to Donald Trump About Making Fun of the Disabled
October 15 2015 – That Year My Son Wanted to be a Ceiling Fan for Halloween
September 2015 – What Were the Signs?  A Checklist of Warning Signs for Parents
August 2015 – Remembering Sidney: Drowning and Autism
June 2015 – 5 Reasons You Should Make Friends with that Mom of the Special Needs Kid in Your Child’s Classroom
June 2015 – Making It Up As We Go Along
May 2015 – Problems Home and Away
May 2015 – When We Knew
April 2015 – Reluctant Advocate

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