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Welcome to New Horizons Professional ABA Services, Inc.! We are here to help you understand your child’s abilities and challenges, and assist you in making meaningful and positive changes in your child’s behavior.

The family of a child with special needs can easily become overwhelmed. Many children with special needs dictate what the family can and cannot do on a daily basis. We are here to help your family to become as stress-free and as independent as possible.


Applied Behavior Analysis’ official definition: tactics derived from principles of behavior are applied to improve socially significant behavior (Cooper, J., Heron, T., Heward, W., 2007). In the 1940’s and 50’s, the newly discovered science of Behavior Analysis studied the effects of environmental manipulation upon behavior. In the 1980’s, behavioral science was applied to education, with the goal of improving the learning behaviors of children with autism.

Behavioral science also helps us understand the reason for the things we do. We do many things because we are positively reinforced by those around us. We are reinforced by a paycheck when we go to work. We may wear an item more frequently, or style our hair a particular way, based on how frequently others comment positively upon those features. We enjoy friendship with people who socially reinforce us, we eat ice cream because it is refreshing and sweet. We certainly would not engage in these behaviors if they did not reinforce our sensibilities. Our everyday behavior is based upon behavioral science that affect how we make decisions. We can use this powerful science of behavior to improve the lives of our children.

When the function, or intended purpose, of a behavior is determined, ABA can be applied to affect significant changes in behavior.

With ABA, children without speech can be taught to communicate without engaging in inappropriate behaviors. ABA can assist children who can only speak in 1 – 2 word phrases to extend their language output. We can utilize ABA with children who prefer to discuss only topics they are interested in, and teach them to engage in meaningful conversations with others. Through ABA, we can help children stay on task when engaging in important activities that may not be the most fun. We can teach an isolated child to play with peers, reduce stereotypic behaviors that disrupt learning, or to greatly reduce (or eliminate!) aggressive behaviors.

 ABA can be used to teach new skills to any individual, whether that individual has a disability or not.


A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is essential to facilitate effective ABA programs. The behavior analyst is trained in applying the science of behavior to affect positive change in the lives of others. He or she will develop strategies based the function of problem behaviors, and assist the ABA therapist and family in teaching replacement behavior skills, such as communication. The behavior analyst is the “captain” of your child’s behavioral and educational plan. With your input, they will develop goals and strategies to help improve your child’s life, and the independent functioning of your entire family.


New Horizons Professional ABA Services is licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, and is staffed by licensed certified Behavior Analysts, Behavior Technicians, and ABA Therapists all dedicated to helping your child learn. We are passionate in what we do! We will work with your family to develop an ABA program based upon research-based assessment, while incorporating the goals of you and your family.

Effective ABA therapy reduces the stress levels of the entire family. ABA can impact your family’s capability to go shopping, go to church, or visit friends and family, with your child with special needs. Effective ABA therapy can increase your family’s enjoyment of each other, and life in general.

We are dedicated to keeping our behavior analysts’ caseloads small. This allows them to maximize their facilitation of effective ABA services for every child receiving ABA services from New Horizons Professional ABA Services. We work with parents, Medicaid attendants, schools, extended family members, and siblings to teach everyone the strategies and techniques we utilize. We believe in having the parents and family members actively engaged in their child’s therapy. Actively engaged families see the most progression in their child’s goals, and their goals as a family. It does not do any good for your child to work with an ABA therapist several hours per day, only to have the therapist bring all the behavioral strategies and communication techniques home with them at the end of the session. We are passionate about passing our knowledge and training along to the individuals who will be with the child most consistently. ABA therapy is not tutoring. It is not babysitting. It is not something we do to your child, IT IS something we do as a team to effect positive and permanent change.

Many of our behavior analysts have experience working for public or private school systems, and are highly knowledgeable of the classroom setting and school processes. Our senior behavior analyst provides consultation to any case that requires more intensive collaboration. At our parents’ request, we frequently attend IEP meetings, observe in our clients’ classrooms, and collaborate positively with teachers, administrators, and specialists.

We most frequently teach strategies to:

  • structure your child’s environment for success
  • help you understand the reason for your child’s behaviors
  • teach you how to positively reinforce your child’s appropriate behavior
  • teach you how to address the inappropriate behaviors your child may engage in
  • teach the child to functionally communicate across settings
  • assist the child in appropriate participation in their home and community
  • increase the child’s independent leisure skills and self-help skills

We are passionate and devoted to utilizing ABA principles, with involvement from the entire family. Our goal is to help our families become independent, reduce family stress and work together as a team to effect positive change.


Let’s start working together!






Jesse Kushner, President
New Horizons Professional ABA Services, Inc.
Phone 540.431.5641
500 West Jubal Early Drive Suite 210
Winchester, Virginia 22601

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