Parent and Family Training

(Applied Behavior Analysis) ABA therapy works best, when all people involved with a child receiving services consistently work in unison.  Unlike other therapies, ABA MB900448407therapy is only effective when new behaviors are taught and maintained across settings and people.   If parents are expecting a clinical supervisor and therapist to come in the house and train their child to learn new skills and behaviors, without their active participation, they will not see their child engage in the same behaviors that they display during therapy sessions. Effective ABA Therapy requires everyone’s involvement and to consistently apply strategies and techniques agreed upon by the team.

New Horizons Professional ABA Services expect families to:

  • ensure an adult is present while therapy is in session;
  • consistently commit to, have their child available, and follow a weekly therapy schedule;
  • be respectful of the supervisor’s and therapists time and understand that schedules have to work for all parties;
  • not expect services when the child has a fever/physically ill/contagious illness, during dangerous weather conditions, or if there are any infestations in the home;
  • purchase educational materials and reinforcement materials for the therapist to use, as recommended by the clinical supervisor;
  • meet with the clinical supervisor on average once per week to review data, discuss progress, receive instruction/training and complete homework assignments;
  • spend significant time observing in the therapy room/area;
  • conduct a significant number of interventions and/or programs with their child while the supervisor or therapist observe and make recommendations;
  • conduct daily activities throughout the house while the supervisor or therapist observe and make recommendations;
  • change diapers, take their child to the toilet for regular scheduled potty breaks, clean up any bathroom accidents, follow all toilet training guidelines;
  • and, participate on all community based instruction trips with the therapist and child.