About Us


Licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health Services Inc., New Horizons Professional ABA Services Inc.(NHABA) primary mission is to provide Applied MB900448492Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services to children with developmental disabilities to include  Autism Spectrum and Intellectual Disorders through the age of twenty-one.  Its mission is to improve these individual’s adaptive, social, behavioral, and communicative functioning to improve the functioning of the family unit.  Once this begins to occur the family can enjoy the community and what it has to offer without any barriers created by their children’s disabilities.

It is the belief of New Horizons Professional ABA Services Inc. that:

  • Treatment plan goals, objectives must be clearly defined for the family and consistently applied.
  • Treatment plans and decisions must be data driven and are clinically effective for the individual;
  • All children need to be praised and reinforced for what they are doing well or right as opposed to being told of what they are doing wrong.
  • As a general rule inappropriate behavior must not be attended to, but rather redirected with as little attention as possible paid to the inappropriate behaviors.
  • Children do not have problem behaviors, they have solution behaviors and all behaviors can be changed once the function of the behavior is understood.MB900399402
  • Parents must actively participate in therapy for it to be effective and generalizable across all settings and not be dependent on the professionals to improve their child for them. This must be a team effort.
  • Family expectations must be realistic and not be too low that the child cannot grow or too great so as to be not achievable.
  • The family and the NHABA must work collaboratively to establish goals and expectations and each must consistently mirror each other’s efforts, strategies, and techniques..
  • Children will not become independent if providers and families are narrating each step of a task. Non-verbal guidance aids in independent functioning.
  • Supervision and training of families by Licensed Behavior Analysts or Licensed Mental Health Professionals must on average occur weekly and must occur in the home or the community and not a clinic.