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Our Mission

What We Stand For

The mission of New Horizons Professional ABA Services Inc. is to create a positive difference and significantly improve the quality of life of individuals with Autism and other developmental disorders by providing effective ABA therapy (behavior therapy).


our strategy

Working Together

We are dedicated to keeping our behavior analysts’ caseloads small. Small caseloads allow our behavior analysts the opportunity to maximize their facilitation of effective ABA services for every child receiving therapy from New Horizons Professional ABA Services Inc. We work with parents, Medicaid attendants, schools, extended family members, and siblings to teach everyone the strategies and techniques we utilize. We believe in having the parents and family members actively engaged in their child’s therapy. Actively engaged families see the most progress in their child’s goals, and their goals as a family. It is not beneficial for a child to work with an ABA instructor several hours per day, only to have the instructor bring all the behavioral strategies and communication techniques home with them at the end of the session. We are passionate about passing our knowledge and training along to the individuals who will be with the child most consistently. ABA Therapy is not tutoring. It is not babysitting. It is not something we do to a child, IT IS something we do as a team to effect positive and permanent change.

We most frequently teach strategies to:

  • Structure the child’s environment for success
  • Help the parent understand the reason for their child’s behaviors
  • Teach parents how to positively reinforce their child’s appropriate behavior
  • Teach you how to address the inappropriate behaviors your child may engage in
  • Teach the child to functionally communicate across settings
  • Assist the child in appropriate participation in their home and community
  • Increase the child’s independent leisure skills and self-help skills

Many of our behavior analysts have experience working for public or private school systems and are highly knowledgeable of the classroom and school processes. Our senior behavior analysts provide consultation to any cases that require more intensive collaboration. At our parents’ request, we frequently attend IEP meetings, observe in our clients’ classrooms, and collaborate positively with teachers, administrators, and specialists.

We are passionate and devoted to utilizing ABA principles with involvement from the entire family. Our goal is to help our families become independent, reduce family stress, and work together as a team to effect positive change.

Let’s start working together!


Our commitment is to establish a cooperative partnership through trust, respect, and communication with families.

We love what we do, and we have the conviction and deep understanding that improving the skills and abilities of the individuals we work with will open a new world for the entire family. We are proud of and believe that our company structure and design do the most to make this a reality for all our current and future clients. Our commitment is to establish a cooperative partnership through trust, respect, and communication with families. Let’s make the pieces fit!